The Student Union U-PASS Program

The SUS U-PASS program provides UFV students with access to free public transportation in communities where the major UFV Campuses are located: Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack. It also provides access to Recreation Centres in Abbotsford and Mission , access to the UFV Chilliwack Fitness Facilities , and to the SUS Campus Connector. *Please note that the FVX 66 and Translink (Skytrain) are not included in this program.


Eligible Students: All UFV Students and SUS Members enrolled in a credited course during the current semester are eligible. Including Part-time or Full-time students.
*Some academic programs administered by the Faculty of Access and Continuing Education and / or the Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies where registrants pay tuition only are not eligible for this program.

U-Pass Periods

The U-PASS Program gets renewed 3 times per year.

This means you need to get your new U-Pass every semester after it expires.



Due to the COVID-19 Health Emergency, we have temporarily changed how the U-Pass program is applied and distributed.

Please read the following two possible cases:

If you are:

Case A) A student taking online-ONLY classes:

All Students taking online-ONLY classes have the option to “opt-in” into the program. Please go to STEP 1 below.
*To know if your classes are online-ONLY, please review your account summary by term and make sure all your classes say: ONLINE next to their names.

Case B) A student taking at least 1 (one) On-Campus Class:

All UFV Students taking at least 1 on-campus (Not online-ONLY) class will be automatically assessed the U-PASS fee. Please go to STEP 2 below.



Please read the Press Release.

*Please note that the Student Union Campus Connector Fee will not be assessed.

How to get your U-PASS:

If you are currently a registered UFV student taking classes and you require a:

STEP 1. (Case A)- Click the button below to submit a U-PASS Opt-in* request.


UFV will assess a $41.40 fee to your UFV Student Account, which you will need to cover.

*Please note that It will take up to 24 hours for your request to be processed and the fee assessed.


24 hours after you submit your request please got to Step 2 below.

STEP 2. (Case A & B)- Request an appointment to pick up your U-PASS in the Abbotsford Campus or see the Chilliack Campus (CEP) Distribution Hours below



We will confirm with you, the day and time of your appointment in the Abbotsford Campus, and send you a reminder.

Finally, come to the Student Union Office (Room S1109/Abbotsford Campus) on the day and time of your booking to receive your U-PASS on your valid UFV Campus Card.

CEP 2021

Chilliwack Campus (CEP) Distribution hours

To pick up your U-PASS in the Chilliwack Campus, after following the steps above, please visit CEP-Building A - Room 1316.
February 22 - February 25 between 9am to 1:30pm with your valid UFV Campus Card.

*Please note that only the card holder is allowed to pick their own U-PASS.

You lost/damaged your card?

If you lost your student card or your card is expired/damaged:
Please visit the UFV Campus Card Office for dates and times on which you can get a new card.

Campus Card Contact information:
Location: Student Union Building (S), room 1101
Email: or
Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4176